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Chinese Kung fu 2-Chinese Kung fu 2 introduction

Chinese Kung fu 2 Mod Apk is a stickman-themed fighting game in which players can choose stickmen with various martial arts to fight.

Chinese Kung fu 2 Mod Apk Game Content

Chinese Kung fu 2 Mod Apk takes stickman as the main character image and Chinese Kung Fu as the main fighting skill. It incorporates simple operations and gorgeous moves to bring you a different Chinese style. There are rich levels in Chinese Kung fu 2 Mod Apk waiting for you to challenge, and each level has a story behind it. You can get corresponding rewards by challenging them. The target of each battle is different. Their identities and dresses are also different. There are warrior monks from Shaolin Temple, knights in the rivers and lakes, etc. Although they are based on stick figures, their distinctive costumes allow you to identify their identities at once. The game has a setting of stamina value. Each attack will consume stamina value, and the stamina value will slowly recover. If the stamina value is exhausted, you can no longer attack, and you need to wait for it to recover. At the end of each duel, the level, stamina value, stamina value recovery speed, attack power and defense power will be increased accordingly when leveling up.

Chinese Kung fu 2 Mod Apk Game Operation

During the game, the character will learn a variety of moves, and players need to use different swiping methods to use martial arts moves. Battles will take place in different environments, such as on rooftops, among bamboo forests, etc. When the character is knocked into the air and hits objects in the environment, there will also be collateral damage. The chair will be dismantled if bumped. Different sliding methods correspond to different moves, which will attack different parts of the opponent, such as the head, abdomen, and legs.

Chinese Kung fu 2 Mod Apk with simple operation, interesting content, is a good game that Chinese kung fu lovers can't miss. If you like games of the same type, then definitely try Combat Kings Mod Apk.

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